Offbeat travel- Unseen Arunachal Photoblog


Some 300 kms later on the way to Menchuka in 2011, I managed to reach the village,”Kamki”. It was quite a moment, the realization to be at a far off place. The picture is of a self constructed raft which we are trying to row with in a river nearby.


On my way to Tawang , we were given oranges for the way , offered an orange to this kid on the way , she smiled only when we offered another one for her sibling.


If you order the local beer named Apong , you get it in bamboo glasses, i don’t know how i got the larger glass in my hand.


Rolls of rice are inserted inside bamboo shoots for cooking. The rolls of rice that come out cooked have an amazing taste


This cricket pitch by the river, scenic and at the same time symbolizes the fact that this sports is played everywhere in the country.


A really long hanging bridge , remember the view of the foggy river from the center of the bridge.


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  1. fitnessgrad says:

    Hello, pleasure to meet you, thank for your stopping by my blog page and having a follow. I hope that my blog page will serve of use to you and continue to be of interest! I am eager to learn more about you and read some of your blog post as well!


  2. Nice photos. Really offbeat photos those tell the story of different kinds of experiences. Enjoyed it. Liked the the photo of drinking Beer by bamboo stick 😀.

  3. Don’t know if I would want to cross that bridge.

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