Seychelles Travel Guide-2

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We had reached Mumbai quite late and had a prebooked hotel at Meena International.It was dearth of time and just a possibility of 4 hours of sleep which stopped us from having a fight with the hotel staff. It was absolutely a pathetic hotel with bad room and poor service. Had booked this in a combo flight deal at Goibibo. I think the lesson from here is never to go for a combo deal.

Our flight was at 7 am and we made sure that we were much before time at the Airport. The ideal specified time for International travel is 3 hours before departure but considering the queue at the Mumbai Airport , I would Advice you to be 4 hours before time. Ours was a Kenya Airways   flight – KQ 205. It takes about 6 hours to reach Nairobi Airport. the on flight service was great with complimentary food and drinks.

Nairobi Airport

We had an hour’s waiting at Nairobi and then it connected us to the next flight to Victoria Airport,Mahe. If you have a long waiting time at Nairobi , you will have to get Interim Visa which costs $20 per person. For Mahe, it is visa on arrival and is free. The lounge to stay in the airport will cost $40 per person. It is advisable to carry international credit cards. Dollar and Euro are the most preferred currency. The local currency at Nairobi is Kenyan Shilling . At Mahe, the local currency is Seychellois Rupee while both Euros and US Dollar are easily accepted. You can not easily exchange Indian Rupees here except at Indian Banks. We exchanged some money while returning at the Bank of Baroda Seychelles. 

Note: Please do not exchange currency at the Airports

From Nairobi we again boarded a Kenya Airways flight- KQ 209 which takes 2: 50 minutes for travel. The landing at Victoria Airport is amazing with a beach on one side and a mountain on the other. Right when you land in the Airport, this place takes you to a different experience , the idea of being an extraordinary place.

Note: You are not allowed to carry any fruits , vegetables into Mahe and everything will be taken out at the Airport. However you can carry ready to eat items if you want.

We had to go to Anse Boileau to our Hotel – Stephna Residence. We  had big luggage and the only option was a taxi. If you have a daypack, you can always take the city bus at 5 SCR from any part of the island to any other place. Ideally a taxi will cost you 30-40 euros. You get the taxi as soon as you step out from the Airport. Our guy charged us 34 Euros. He was such a gentelman that we took for all our travels in Mahe.

Stephna Residence

We booked our place at Booking  and as per the rating it was quite a heavenly place. The caretaker was a gentleman and the self catering apartment had all the amenities right from tea maker, gas , microwave, rice cooker, etc. The place has a small pool and situated on some height, one gets a great view of the beach. Wifi was complementary in the package. We had booked it just for a day as we would be moving to Praslin  

Day 1 was basically traveling and reaching our place. Overall Mahe is 1.5 hours behind Indian time and Kenya is 2.5 hours behind Indian time.

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