Seychelles Travel Guide-Day to day Itinerary-3

Today is the day when we go to Curieuse Island and then take a photography stop at St Pierre Islands.

There are few days of your life which will be totally unique and somewhere deep down you know you may or may not have such an experience again. For e g jumping off a plane can be one such experience. Same was a trip to Curieuse island for us and yes it did make us curious.

Note: apart from the boat charges , you also pay for 200 SCR per person for entry to the island. Please carry a bottle of water and something to eat as there are no shops on this island.

As we stepped into the 2 seater boat it looked inviting and scary at the same time. Imagine a half an hour ride in the Indian Ocean on a small boat which kept on bouncing in the water. Cool breeze and once in a while some water splashing on us. I think it was quite and experience to be on this boat

Our boatman

Once you reach the Island , you will be paying up the entry fees and will be greeted by giant tortoises. I think too much wisdom at one place. Watching these tortoises walk and eat all over the island is one lifetime experience. There is project going on in the island which involves planting of 10,000 trees and in turn involves the ecological restoration of degraded habitats affected by past forest fires.The ecological restoration of the degraded zones involves planting of native species on the eroded soils.The soil is exposed to the agent of weathering and is pure in nutrients.

Say hi

We lazed around the place and tried to soak in all the beauty. There are benches to sit upon and probably have a sip of water and rest before a 45 minute hike to the other side of the island. The boats drop you at one part of the island and pick you at the other side. The other side where the trek ends is also the point where the barbecue happens and if you love the sea food, this is the place to be. The trail is pretty simple and it will not involve a lot of climbing. All you need to do is follow the trail and keep track of signposts on the way.

The trail


Walking on this train was an experience on its own, especially for the first time i was trekking where the trail would end at beach. There are about 3000 varieties of invertebrates in this island. Invertebrates are found just about everywhere in both terrestrial and aquatic habitats. Some of the species that you find here are : Hermit Crab, Sea urchin, Mangrove Whelk, Ghost Crab, Limpets, Red rock crabs etc.


We reached the other side of the beach. Our boatman was on time and took us to the St pierre Island on the way back to Anse Volbert.

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  1. Enjoyed it thoroughly!!☺👍

    1. Thanks for dropping by

  2. milliethom says:

    The boat ride sounds a bit precarious, but it looks well worth it in the end. The island looks a great place to explore, with many wonderful species, particularly of invertebrates. I had no idea there were giant tortoises on the Seychelles. Are they endemic to the islands? Very interesting post.

  3. Awesome u must be really enjoying like crazy. Even I have a tortoise but it is still very small but maybe after years it may grow like this. Amazing pics.

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