Stacked stone practice in Buddhism


“As material civilization develops, cultivate spiritual civilization accordingly.”

“All are incarnations of truth-Buddha, do each thing as an offering of worship to the Buddha.”

“Practice meditation continually, practice meditation everywhere.”

“Keep such oneness in motion and in quietness, maintain the full oneness of the spirit and the body.”

“Buddhist truth is found in life, life is Buddhist truth itself.”

You must have often seen stacked stones during your travel. There are lot of analogies to it but the basic is that it is a form of an offering. Still i discuss below a few analogies

  1. A childlike act to increase awareness
  2. To teach balance and concentration
  3. Request to deities to give the traveler safe passage
  4. Makeshift Stupas of Pagodas
  5. Good fortune where each stone represents a particular wish and possibly family member


13 Comments Add yours

  1. a Childlike act to increase awareness is definitely imprtant

  2. Or perhaps an ancient way to mark your track so you don’t get lost, and over the years attaches deep meanings

    1. Definitely , one possible analogy

  3. afrilly says:

    I love the stacked stone analogy! It’s such a positive, mindful act. Will be doing it during my travels from now on! : )

    1. Yes , even i have started doing the same

  4. All your analogies are quite meaningful.

    1. In context of buddhism, all make perfect sense

  5. Tony says:

    look forward to following your posts. thanks for your follow of my blog. Beautiful pics and insights, thanks, Tony

  6. randyjw says:

    This is interesting to read.

  7. So beautiful analogy between stacking the stones and meditation. Being like Buddha nature is the best thing. Lovely.

  8. vivalaViv says:

    “Buddhist truth is found in life, life is Buddhist truth itself” – so true! One can not abandon life itself and finds his/her Buddha nature!!

    Vivienne X

  9. It’s a statement that someone did this and said I was here and an expression of being alive too. Thanks for your recent visit to my blog.

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