Call of the Wild- Frosty Mornings

Call of the Wild

I have spent umpteen mornings on the top of a mountain and this was again one unique one. With sub zero temperatures in the night and a sharing it with someone who was camping for the first time, I must confess, it was rather disturbing. 5 am, half asleep, I came out of the tent to see the twinkling of last of the stars. We in our day to day lives are very less observant of nature but if you are someone on the mountains, you will appreciate how slowly time passes here. Especially this period between night and sunrise is quite dynamic. I make myself some black tea and sit on a rock to gaze at the sky.

I wait  for the ruddy orange glow to light the campsite, raring for the sunrise, for not only is it beautiful but also it will mellow down the cold a bit. My only companion in the quite is a dog, safely perched on a rock, somewhere waiting for the sunrise, his own reason, or may be we share a reason or two. The moment is beautiful, a red orange tinge in the sky, treating the beast and the man equally.

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