There are some days of your life that you live only once. Today was one such day which will stay with me for a long time. As I woke up early in the morning to take the first bus to the jetty, it was dark all around, but I felt light, happy, all geared up for yet another exciting day. As you slowly move out from Mahe to Praslin to La Digue, you also slowly move out of the clutter to a remote place. This was quite apparent when I saw a man with a radio at the jetty rather than a mobile. My plan was to land at La Digue at 7, spend the whole day there and return back by the last ferry at 5:45.I had planned this entire trip on my own and given a second chance, I would have loved to stay at La Digue for a day or two.


The best way of seeing the island is by going around in a cycle. However given the small size of the island, I decided to walk around the place. Walking is a great way to see a place, especially as you graduate as a traveller; you realize the importance of this fact. The modern day traveling is all about seeing all the places, getting pictures clicked and returning back in no time. As I sit and pen down my thoughts, I am really grateful to have seen the island at a slow place, somehow it has stayed with me, the benches by the sea, the beaches, the faces of the locals, the takeaway, the school kids having ice-cream, the juice shop, the meal I had at Grand Anse, the colourful juice shop, minute details, memories of a beautiful place.


The entire Island is on a somewhat circular track and you can start anywhere, however best is to head to L’Union Estate for it has the most pictured beach in the world named Anse Source d’Argent. As I walked to the Estate, I had to pay 200 SCR for entry into the place, not to mention I was the first to do so that too; to a laid back place like this. I got some good me time as I roamed around the place before people started to walk in. It was such a bright sunny day. I climbed on a rock, sat there for a while, assimilating all the beauty of the place. Apart from the brilliant view that the place has to offer, it is also a snorkelling paradise a. A word of advice is to carry some water and food as the options of food and water are limited here.


I came out of the estate wondering where to go next, I read the board with directions, contemplated on where to go next, gave up and just walked in a random direction. As I kept walking, plenty of tourists on cycles kept on passing me; this was all the affirmation I needed, reminding me of the song by Porcupine tree, “arriving somewhere but not here”. Well, I arrived and I arrived well, at one of the bluest water I have ever seen. Once again it was the time to get bewildered and amazed. I soaked in all the beauty of Grand Anse, took a nap, read few pages from a book and again took a nap until I felt hungry. There was a buffet meal being served at the outlet in the beach and to my surprise it had a lot of vegetarian dishes. I think I will remember that meal and the Coke for a long time, for a meal in need seals the deal.


I headed back trying to complete the circle hoping that I would come to my starting point. I found a very colourful juice shop on the way and I tasted some passion fruit along with the juice there. As I moved on, the prospect of a takeaway with AC enticed me. I went in to treat myself with some ice cream and the much needed cool of the place.


I continued my walk to reach the end of the circle, I was back to my starting point, the clock read 4 pm and a nearby cafe looked very inviting. The adventure of the day was not done yet, finally the wish to travel on the top deck of the ferry was granted. Cool breeze, blue water, occasional  droplets of water hitting my face, birds flying back to their nests,  the changing colour of sky, the nearby islands, everything together, nature at its best. I knew I loved open spaces.


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