Life lessons from running

Most of the education happens with a goal in mind. You are told to study hard, perform well in exams to get into a good college. Once you enter the rat race it is all about landing a good job which would lead to a big house, car and other material comforts. I find no wrong in keeping a goal, probably it keeps you motivated. But it is very very important to enjoy the journey and do a reality check on whether you enjoy doing what you are doing.

I finished an early morning run today, the usual one , a chill in the air , greenary, birds and a rising sun. I enjoy being there , in nature, pushing myself and enjoying at the same time. Eventually what I will attain through running is just an outcome, as far as I am concerned, enjoying it is the most important part of it .

Yet another early morning run


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  1. Dr.V.Sridhar says:

    Lovely photo. Yes you are 100% correct. Simply enjoy what you.

  2. Mel & Suan says:

    It is generally true that parents try to imbue in children to study hard to land a good job. We suppose each generation wish the next a better life. But it may not always be for material things. We all need to be contributing individuals in order to earn a living (becos nobody owes you one) and provide ourselves when we stop having the ability to earn a living. We think of it as making someone learn to fish, rather than giving them the fish.

  3. Totally agree, in a bid to attain our never ending goals, we miss out on so many aspects of life that would give us happiness.

  4. You are spot on about doing a reality check on enjoying the journey. A short but insightful post.

  5. Just Yamini says:

    What a lovely blog name – Ek raasta hai jindagi. It has a different ring from the old used adage, Life is a journey.

    And your blog is equally great – awesome images and fantastic content. Keep them coming.

    Just Yamini

  6. I Love jogging and walking in the morning. Really charges you up.

  7. Much truth in this post. And thanks for following Oh, the Places We See. We both need to run with eyes wide open to see this beautiful world more fully in 2017. All the best to you!

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