Books read in 2016-3

Continuing with the list of books read in 2016.

You can find the other 2 lists here:

List of books read in 2016-1

List of books read in 2016-2 


As the year comes to an end, I list down the 32 books read this year. If you are an adventure lover you will find a few good ones in this list.My top 3 for this year are: Norwegian Wood, The Snow Leopard and The power of now. Hope to listen from you about the best books read this year.

21)Conquering Everest-The lives of Edmund and Tenzing Norgay
22) You got nothing coming: Notes from a prison fish by Jimmy Lerner
23)The perks of being a wallflower by Stephen Chbosky
24)All quiet on the Western front by Erich Maria Lemarque
25) The Extra Mile by Pam Reed
26) The timekeeper by Mitch Albom
27) A Wild sheep chase by Murakami
28) The Wanderer by Knut Hamsun
29) Rain in the mountains by Ruskin Bond
30)The power of now by Eckhart Tole
31) The light of the world by Elizabeth Alexander
32)Travels in Alaska by John Muir

6 Comments Add yours

  1. I love the fact that you have read so many books this year. Great job!

  2. I keep a list of what I’ve read too. You can find all my reads on Goodreads or just my 5 out of 5s on Pinterest.

  3. Parul Thakur says:

    Looks like a good list and I will pick up a few from here for 2017.

    1. Please pick a few from the list, thanks for dropping by

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