Picture of the month- Februaray

Malviya Bridge, inaugurated in 1887 (originally called The Dufferin Bridge), is a double decker bridge over the Ganges at Varanasi. It carries rail track on lower deck and road on the upper deck. It is one of the major bridges on the Ganges and carries the Grand Trunk Road across the river.It has 7 spans of 350 ft and 9 spans of 110 ft and it was the first bridge of its type constructed in the Indian sub-continent.


I had the pleasure of crossing this bridge, the railway part during my trip to Varnasi. I love being on bridges, to look down at the flowing river and wonder the journey from the mountains till here and further. Some of my favorite bridges are, Ram jhoola in Rishikesh, Howrah bridge in Kolkata and Rameshwaram bridge.This one is now an addition to the list, especially the fact that it is a railway bridge means, you can find some quiet and solace and enjoy the scenery below. I loved coming here and gazing at the swarm of birds sitting in the river sporadically flying at times.

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16 thoughts on “Picture of the month- Februaray

  1. i wish the govt here works to keep the city clean and ppl are more aware about how the city is going from bad to worse. once a literary hub this city is now houses filth in all aspects… from garbage to bhai giri to political filth… sad…

      1. Allahabadis are beyond repair.. that’s why it was taken off the smart city list after a survey… 24x7it’s goondagardi or chewing tobacco and spitting… the test who don’t do either don’t care…they wait for others

  2. Love this capture. If you notice both the boats are in shadow zone of the supporting pillar of the bridge, hence the water is deep blue in color

  3. Did you click this picture from a running train? Beautiful capture, we have never been on any of these bridges, can imagine hoe might be to cross these legendary bridges…:)

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