The Mist


I started my walk in the forest and was soon greeted by flowing water. I opened my shoes and dipped my leg in the cool water and looked above. Wow! I was below a canopy of trees vs the usual concrete at home. It was just the beginning of the trek and i had already started feeling better, flowing water can uplift your spirits any day. As i walked ahead I came to open grassland, the grass had the characteristic smell of recent rains. White flowers are sporadically scattered in the meadows and there is distant mountain, the top of which is covered in clouds. I have to climb that mountain and i walk towards it feeling the surroundings, once again in unison with nature. An 11km hike is quite slow and gentle way to experience the nature. Colorful birds, distant waterfalls, vast expanse of mountains and the never ending trail. Below clouds, with clouds and above clouds, I made it to the top. The mist disappeared from eyes and also from my mind. This is the power of mountains, they have a healing power. For that the mist may break when the sun is high and this soul forget its sorrow and the rose ray of the closing day may promise a better morrow.

17 Replies to “The Mist”

  1. I completely relate to the peace filling every pore in the mountains. The fresh air, the serenity and of course, the sound of flowing water .

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