Village Sarchi in Tirthan Valley- Picture of the month April


“ Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountain and the sea, are excellent school masters, and teach us more than we can ever learn from books”- John Lubbock

There is a magical image of a place that keeps coming to me in my dreams. That image of a small village in the mountain: shrouded in clouds, a  waterfall in close proximity  and the rumble of gushing water in the valley. A village with few houses, a tea shop , a small pond and a temple decorated with Buddhist flags. Above all the presence of the mountains, the mighty Himalayas with snow clad tops.  I went to one such dreamy village named Sarchi in Tirthan valley.

It was a cloudy afternoon and at times I had to use the umbrella. As I reached the village the rain Gods had some mercy on me. The mountains also were benevolent enough to reveal themselves to me. The trail has everything, small villages on the way, waterfalls amidst dense Cedar forests, picturesque skies, medieval temples, chirpy kids, colourful birds, dreamy water points and absolute solitude. There were wooden homes just perched at the edge of the valley with a full glimpse of the snow clad mountains. This particular house just took my breath away; I spent a good hour here before heading back just meditating on the view that the place had to offer.

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