Doing Meaningful Work


Do you get to eat 3 meals a day?         -No


What is the average annual income of your family?         – 19000


How many members in your family?             – 8


What is the primary source of income in your family?         -Farming


Why do you want to undergo this training?         – I am 12th pass, unemployed and family is under abject poverty


How many times in your life have you stepped out of your village?        – On an average 2-3 times



This is the general profile of our guys. Today after 3 months of intense training, a lot of effort on our part, 60 guys are all set to begin a better life , all set to earn 20k per month and probably bring some change in their homes. Working with them is a humbling as well as joyful experience at the same time. Who said they are poor, I think the love they have for their family and the hard working attitude just sets them apart. Small perks of doing meaningful work. This picture was clicked during their flag off event.

A few years back when I did my post grad from a prestigious college in India, sky was the limit. I had small stints with a few corporates but felt something was missing in my life. I had had a taste of social sector when I worked with World Bank for about a year before pursuing my MBA. I now have been working in my current organisation for over 18 months and each day has been exciting with a new challenge. What has kept me going is the fact that if you change one life, skill one member of the family the socio economic status of the whole family changes. I hope few young people could take this path; change in our country will not come from swanky offices but from working on the ground.

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  1. Good to know Mama. Keep going!

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