Cricket in Mountains


Was attending a talk today , saw a documentary by amit tyagi on a serious topic. someone told that ,”even if people age there is a piece of that same old childhood within us and we behave the same if brought into those situations.our batch from college formed a whatsapp grp which has all 55 year old. Intrisincally everyone behaved the same much like our old days.” It was a good learning experience overall and once again i would like to state the importance of hanging out with people of different age groups. In my various experiences i have found a talk with a old person very interesting.
This pic here is of cricket i played with kids for fun at a village named Supi in uttrakhand. I had taken an overnight bus from delhi. It was full with people going for an exam and they fooled around the entire night keeping everyone awake. The next morning i travelled around 200 kms in the valleys changing 3 vehicles and nine hours.
As usual a set of tents in a village attracts attention and we were the center of attraction for the kids. I met a guy who was a akshay kumar fan and later asked them for a game of cricket. No matter how old u get , in india if you get a chance to bat you bat because cricket is a religion here and you can’t say no ever. With a small log of wood hacked properly to hold it , i did try to attempt a few cover drives on a muddy pitch overlooking green mountains.
To talk of the documentary i would just leave you with a thought that when you are real old and helpless will it be a walk to the old home or family and do u psycologically believe that aging is just a thing of mind ?

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  1. The mind stays young but the body reminds us that we’re not

    1. But ultimately it is all about the mind

  2. arv! says:

    Bonding with anyone is easy in India. The common topics are cricket, Bollywood and politics! Just check the sides though ☺
    Which place did you visit in uttarakhand?

  3. anne leueen says:

    The mind does stay young but our bodies age. Having said that despite have had both hips replaced due to arthritis, I feel very good and feel just a good as I did 10 or 20 years ago. Maybe better than 25-30 years ago because that was when I had young children and I was always tired! lol

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