The Uberpool driver gave me the phone and said, ‘ bhaiya madam kya star star bol rahi hain ek baar aap baat karo na.’ I took the phone and the lady said,’ he is not able to understand Starbucks, I am standing in front of it’.

I thought what high expectations from a guy whose only worries were stars and making some bucks.

Another great realization also was the fact that we live in our own small fancy worlds, immune to the lives of people who just scrape through.

I wish we could be more compassionate.

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  1. kaustubhjoshi says:

    Interesting!! Simple enough to make us realize, what one finds natural, could be out of the world thing for others!!! Good one.

  2. abhiray59 says:

    True. We take too many things for granted. May be madam could have used some other reference point.

    1. We set up our own reference points

  3. Yes absolutely true and agree totally with these great compassionate words.

  4. Yes, in need of compassion. Nice post!

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