Travel Story – Munsiyari

Khalia top trek and biking to Munsiyari
“There is something about the top of a mountain that I often yearn for and sitting here at 12000 feet i have a mixed feeling, not being at home for diwali sucks but nonetheless this place is breathtakingly beautiful.Snow capped mountains , yellowish orange grass and the occasional quiet amongst the rustling of the leaves.God has placed beauty at strange places and like other things he makes it available to only those who fight for it.It was a strenuous bike ride quite evident from the fact that it took 18 straight hours just to ride back. But if not for it, I would have not experienced the first snowfall of the season, nor would have experienced the goosebumps before jumping into the green river and would have missed the experience of a rainbow in a huge waterfall.The world below from here looks like a tiny speck, a minuscule city lies below in its own hustle bustle and prejudices of life. Sitting here away from the maddening crowd is peaceful and at the same time enlightening for sometimes we keep looking for happiness in the wrong places. This was a wonderful bike ride and reminds me of,”All that you touch and all that you see will all your life will ever be.”

Munsiyari(Close to China – Nepal border ) diaries.


4 Replies to “Travel Story – Munsiyari”

  1. Feel so jealous. I guess you spent your deepavali at the best place. No pollution, no loud cracker only rustling of pine leaves by air. Above all, what your sucked in was pure air of mountain.

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