A Journey to Bhutan- The Land of Happiness-5

Continuing the journey to Bhutan, I took you to Paro in the last post, let me take you to a less travelled  part of Bhutan.

I had chosen Haa Valley in particular for the fact that it was less travelled and hardly an overnight stay among tourists. However I went here for 2 things: 1) Quietude and peace 2)Walking trails. The town is situated by the Haa Chu river and has the shops and town on one side and IMTRAT (Indian Military Training Team) on the other side.

haa river
Haa River

I had requested my resort for a day guide around Haa and walked around the city with him. If you are in here for long, you can actually trek from Haa valley to Chele la pass. We started from our resort to the golf course which is inside the army area. This trail is the gateway to two important temples : the black temple and white temple and are located in close proximity to each other. I really loved the feeling of being in an isolated temple, just wandering and admiring the ancient architecture and the beauty of something so big nestled in valley surrounded by trees and mountains.

white temple
White temple

After visiting the temples i walked along the river to the city. Had a cup of tea and poori sabzi in a very small shop, was amazed to see a microwave in the shop. From here I went to what is known as the view point. It is an hours trail from the city nestled in pine forests and has a well defined track. This is the trail to the haa valley and I wished i had more time to go atleast half the trail. I reached the point which gives you a spectacular view of the city. The view point has a seating point and it would be an amazing place for a cup of tea and snacks.

haa view point
Top view of ha city

Where to eat and stay: Our trip would have been incomplete without a comfortable stay offered at Risum Resort. It was easy to get accommodation here in this month, otherwise you would definitely need make prior bookings for this accommodation. The food here was good and I especially enjoyed the breakfast. However do head out to the city and don’t hesitate to eat at the small points, though limited, all these eateries serve real delicious food.


5 Replies to “A Journey to Bhutan- The Land of Happiness-5”

  1. Amazing pix. Conjures up images of a fantastic place. I hope we are not putting Bhutan on a miserable path to what we seem to call development by making its magic known to the outside world.

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