Bangalore Weekend Getaway- Gandikota

I do not like to compare Indian places with Western Names, Gandikota is one gem of an unique place in Andhra.Though a lot of people refer this as being the Grand Canyon of India, I would let it be as it is.

Evening View


Gandikota is worth a weekend ride from Bangalore. I rode here solo covering a total distance of 282 kms. Though it might look as a little more for a weekend, if you start early you will definitely be there by lunch time.

Break for sunrise

The ride is really scenic plus if you start at 4 , you get to see the sunrise on empty roads. The condition of roads are good, i only felt that there were fewer places to eat on the way.

I did not find a lot of places to stay at Gandikota and booked a room at Haritha Resort.You can prebook online using the AP tourism website. If you want to camp at Gandikota, you can rent a tent from here, however I do not see the point of the same as the canyon is just walking distance from the resort. I just woke up early and saw the sunrise and also took a walk in the evening to see it in night. The rooms were comfortable and food good enough to survive.

Haritha Resort

I hope you go there when there are very few people and it will be a meditative experience.If you climb up the rocks the 360 degree view is great and the wind does blow at a good speed. My experience was amazing, i felt that this makes a perfect weekend ride getaway and ya you never are solo on the road or at a place, e.g say hi to my monkey friend at Gandikota.


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