Seeking Happiness

“Happiness is the state of consciousness which proceeds from the achievement of one’s values.”– Taken from Atlas shrugged. If there were a rule book for happiness we would all be happy but happiness is about an experience which varies from person to person.Your idea of happiness can be different from mine but essentially the essenceContinue reading “Seeking Happiness”

Top quotes on life

We all need to be motivated in life. I feel that when we go to college, school, there is a curriculum at place. Strangely later in life you would realize that we all need a curriculum for life and it has to be designed by us. Much of what happens to us is a functionContinue reading “Top quotes on life”

Excerpts from a random life of a guy…

“The full moon is silhouetted against the sea, smothering the waves with silver reflections. Sitting on a dune, we watch the continuous ebb and flow, each with our distant thoughts. ” Taken from Motor Cycle diaries. I write this post listening to the songs of ,”Udaan”. Actually this is my life,  equally predictable and unpredictable atContinue reading “Excerpts from a random life of a guy…”

On Kolkata, football and life

Kolkata: I have been to Kolkata so many times but have never written about it, so I thought would pen down some thoughts.Every city has its own flavor and that’s what makes it difference. So if you are new to a city you must try and appreciate it rather than cursing about the facilities andContinue reading “On Kolkata, football and life”

On long rides in rain

“The moments we enjoy most as they unfold, and that we treasure long afterward, are the ones we experience most deeply. Depth roots us in the world, gives life substance and wholeness. It enriches our work, our relationships, everything we do. It’s the essential ingredient of a good life and one of the qualities weContinue reading “On long rides in rain”


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