A Day to remember and other updates

Had my first taste of professional football today when our team played against Mecon F.C. No doubt this was a moment to cherish as I had always wanted to play at this level. But what happened in the second half was something I had never thought of in my sweetest of dreams. A special someone joined us and played mid field for the entire second half. The special one was Subodh, member of the Indian Football Team. Though we ended on the losing side we played our hearts out and some goal keeping lapses cost us the game. Even Subodh congratulated us on our effort. 

I accept that I am a product of the Indian middle class mentality.After passing my standard 10th I said in an interview that I would like to do my Engg from some reputed college and was lucky enough to get into IIT Madras.Probably that was the only option I had.The take away from today’s match was that I want to see a day when kids take up football as a profession, where there is a better place for football players and not every sports shop is filled with Cricket bats.A nation which is crazy about cricket would save a lot of time following a 2 hour football game.Another realization was how strength is an important criteria with every sport.In the first few minutes of the game i came head to head with a rather lanky looking winger and a touch was enough to realize the importance of  strength.I love football and I have played the game whenever I got a chance.In fact I should write it the other way , I created all the chances to play the game against all odds.Meet me sometime I will tell you stories about football and believe me I will always tell you about this day.

Life has been at its very best in the last 4 months.You will always know the best days of your lives and I know I am going through this phase.In short last few months was about studying and playing soccer.Studying something which I really love and the sport is like life.Wrote the CFA  level 1 two days back and did really well.Met few of my college friends and had beer after a really long time.I can totally empathize with 2 of my friends who are working in Gujrat.The beverage never tasted so sweet in my life, in fact there is a sweetness to patience which you should taste sometime.

I am leaving for a 14 day bike trip to Arunachal next week and I know it will be more awesome than the last experience.Got an MBA offer from IMT -G where I will be studying for a year in Dubai and for a year in India.I am looking forward to this, let’s see what happens.So what’s up with you guys ?

L to M

6 months back when i looked at the mirror , I hated myself for being lazy.Most of our actions is to prove our self to someone.But I knew for one time this fight was against me.A mind battle which I won .Football was a great help in the 11.5 kg weight shedding.Only it is coming at the cost of buying new clothes and this time I am not hating the mirror in the trial room.

Terry Fox Run Chennai -2010

Participated today morning in the Terry Fox Run held in the beautiful IIT Madras Campus.The 6.2 Km run had around 2000 participants in the morning and as the run is to go on till 11 a.m so for sure the grand total will surely high.
The run was very special for me due to several reasons. Firstly, today is the 21 st day since i quit smoking, the main cause of cancer. I will be leaving Chennai soon and today was a union with a set of friends from the Chennai Trekking Club.and last but not the least it is always fun to run with your hostel mates.

Just a message to all the smokers : You are always told that winners don’t quit , friends but if you quit this you are a winner.


Had one of my most horrible days of life and also the day when i learnt  a lot in life , but they will be there for you 🙂

Run for water

A good initiative by  Isha Foundation  to to create awareness and raise funds for water conservation projects
Chennai could not have been more hotter and at 2 p.m i was already feeling sick to stomach. But I had made up mind and this was in the agenda for the day.
Completed the 6 Km race in 40 minutes and felt great.
Had told a friend in the morning that it has been enough being selfish time to do something  for others.

“You will find, as you look back on your life, that the moments that stand out are the moments when you have done things for others.”

All in a day’s work

The famous tag line  of the Reader’s Digest  seems so meaningful in Job life.
I can’t call a college friend by his name , never, especially if his actual name is Ramchandra. Moreover if you have all Tams in your room and the nick of your friend is Randi. So this was it , a call from my friend whom I kept on calling by  his nick. He wanted to ask about few resorts in Pondichery and also of the shacks inquiring precisely whether  the place was  safe  for girls.
So the talk went on and on and I had just got my leave application approved by the team lead few minutes ago.
But you know team leads are smart these days , they don’t understand hindi but know what Randi means. The few english words used in the conversation were Girls, Babes , resort, Safe , beach , Pondicherry and also Randi.
I will never those lines,”Abhinav where are you going tommorrow?”
I wanted to say Pondicherry but told the truth , Banglore.

Last Fortnight

1. 10-10 job.(including a Sunday)
2.  Weird Dreams
3. New flat
4. No Internet
5. New friend, emotional talks
6. Made someone feel special 🙂
“Hope this new week brings in something good.”

What’s your choice?

The childhood question still haunts me,”What do you want to do when you grow up?”
What’s your answer?

1. Stupidest question that was asked  when you were  a kid

2. A relevant question which helped you attain what you wanted.

3. Stopped thinking about it.

4.Still there but seems unachievable.

5.Working on it.

6.Has been changing over time and still you are undecided

7.It was never your own thought and you did  something which someone else wanted you to do.

8.Immaterial because you are happy with what you do.