Book Review

Book name:Angela’s Ashes(Winner of the Pulitzer prize)Author: Frank McCourtThe book is about Mccourt’s childhood.The place is Limerick,Ireland where it constantly rains and it is hard to keep dry. 20 years of pain and suffering.His father was a alcoholic and drank away whatever money he had. 3 of his 7 siblings died of hunger and malnutrition.HeContinue reading “Book Review”

Mini Library

Always wanted to have a big library for myself, made a good start.The books you can find, but not borrow : The Magician’s Assistant- Ann PatchettThe undercover Economist-Tim HarfordBy the river Pidera I sat down and wept-Paul CoelhoThe Broker-John GrishamEmma-Jane AustenPride And Prejudice-Jane AustenLord of the Rings-J.R.R. TolkenHow to talk to anyone-LowndesNew testamentThe Almighty-Irving WallaceBrida-PaulContinue reading “Mini Library”

Book Review : The Room on the Roof

Book: The room on the roof\Vagrants in the valley Liked this book a lot firstly because it was Ruskin Bond . Secondly the places described in the book are very familiar. The book centers around the life of a lonely boy for whom events change so fast . Love , tragedy , humor , friendshipContinue reading “Book Review : The Room on the Roof”


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