Look at the Mountains

Probably in a time lapse

Everything changes

From color to clouds

Everything cries for a change

Of permanence to impermanence

Look within you and once again at the surroundings

What does this breeze changing directions speaks to you

“You change you life by changing your heart”


Wrote this for the brother of a friend, who passed away a month back. We can never fill a void and can never understand the pain that the family members go through. The grief is more profound when someone dies at a very young age. My mom always tells me that,”Good people are very close to God and so he does not let them suffer, he generally calls them early.”Thantophobia is the term which means,”The fear of losing someone whom you love.” We all have this fear and i think it is genuine. But this is how life is,you never no when the heart skips a beat and everything ends. Dalai Lama,Mahatma Gandhi, religious texts etc. talk of compassion. I think people who are very capable of love can only truly understand this term.Wrote this short piece for,”Sky”(nickname) quite impromptu.


And one day someone asked me the color of sky

I looked out of the window and frowned !!

It was a bit reddish drowned

While only yesterday it was a yellowish crowned

Once upon a time it was also slightly browned

I liked it when it had rain engrained

But whatever sky had its presence ordained

Oh!! What color are you my Sky?

“Look within and i am your joy”

Sky is me and i am Sky

And even if the world passes by

It’s the same Sky who greets you,”Hi”


Fading Away

I saw him there working day and night;
focused, strained,determined and resolute
building, molding and joining the pieces
He stops from time to time ,not to rest
but to get a glance of it, and again starts working,
 someday he just dreams , sometimes he works furiously and
at times he throws everything and cries

He remains there for a few days crying,
Oblivious of the surroundings.
He staggers sometimes for hours, often for days
But he is not a quitter , he will never run away
He brings things together , he is the builder
I have always believed in him, truly, more than myself
and he has always responded by picking up the weapon.

But things are changing now, I seem him crying often
He always looks down, lost in his emotions
It has been months now and I want to speak to him
I want him to work on his masterpiece.
All of a sudden he picks up the hammer,
ah!! a sigh of relief which soon  turns to a cry
He has destroyed it , every piece , every inch, even his name
He has turned wild , he is laughing insanely
running away, fast very fast and soon he disappears……….


Merry X mas

She went out to look for a Christmas tree, a very special one.
There was a buzz all around the place still she could not find one
Slowly she went from shop to shop to find that coveted tree
I was just waiting to offer her for free.
Then  she came to my shop asking,”Do I sell a Christmas tree?”
Though my shop may be a small one but I have one for thee!!
This is a Christmas wish tree which will grant you all wishes
I wish you a merry Christmas and this “Christmas wish tree.”


I became a bird again today after a long long time,
Yes, again I became the Bird of the night.
And prayed for the night to stay.
White clouds like smoke rings,
Stars like sparks in the sky .

Oh! but the wind carries a crazy sound today,
Despair and agony in the air,
The Air whipped a stench some of you will know,
It was the reek of the death.

Anguished and terrified I flied higher
Higher and higher to a new ground
I stood under the stars as a man,
and sang a requiem for the boy I had been.

Next time I would become a sailor,
Or may be a watch man ,
But never again will I be a bird ,
If I go Green again.