A paragraph on yourself

It is great to find sometime to be back on this space.Life is hectic and I am fighting it out.In one of the introductory lectures on WAC(Written analysis of cases) we were supposed to write a paragraph on ourselves without mentioning the trivial details like home town, graduation college, academic record etc. In fact it was bringing out  someContinue reading “A paragraph on yourself”

Arsenal 2011-2012 – a mid season review

“It’s easy to kick a dog when it’s down.  And it’s even easier when everyone else joins you in doing so.Arsenal will be back after the dust settles.” The current season of Arsenal is the epitome of the attitude that champions are made of.Frankly, it is not easy to be Arsenal fan especially due toContinue reading “Arsenal 2011-2012 – a mid season review”

Argetina vs Venezuela friendly in Kolkata

While going to Vaishno devi , it was “Jai mata Di,Jai mata Di”,to Kedarnath,”Bol Bum,Bol Bum ” but this time on my trip to Kolkata it will be,”Messi Messi”, after all pilgrimage is all about faith. This Monday i had the opportunity to watch a live match between TFA and Sikkim.The main attraction of theContinue reading “Argetina vs Venezuela friendly in Kolkata”

Defining Atheist

“Any one who does not watch football is an atheist.”—Abhinav So the biggest thing on planet Earth starts  tomorrow and I feel excited much like the millions around the globe. What is Football?  Sweat,blood,passion,tackles,throughballs,goals,saves,tears,joy,fights,handshakes,booing,singing,victory,loss,points,mistakes,skill and many other uncountable things.But above all it is a religion which unifies people around the world irrespective of color andContinue reading “Defining Atheist”

A Day to remember and other updates

Had my first taste of professional football today when our team played against Mecon F.C. No doubt this was a moment to cherish as I had always wanted to play at this level. But what happened in the second half was something I had never thought of in my sweetest of dreams. A special someoneContinue reading “A Day to remember and other updates”


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