A paragraph on yourself

It is great to find sometime to be back on this space.Life is hectic and I am fighting it out.In one of the introductory lectures on WAC(Written analysis of cases) we were supposed to write a paragraph on ourselves without mentioning the trivial details like home town, graduation college, academic record etc. In fact it was bringing out  some aspect of yourself in a different and probably a creative way.It is an interesting exercise that one must undertake for fun.Here is my entry which had to be done in 10 minutes.I am happy that for writing out this I did not had to think much and the flow came naturally.Here is my entry on the same.

                       I have always loved the window seat on a train right from my childhood. I have taken many train journeys with my nose in between the bars of the window, eyes on the parallel rails and cool breeze blowing past me.One of the favourite past times being counting the number of stations that the train stopped at. However, till date the train journeys from Howrah to Tata  incite the same emotions as a kid for there are plenty of football fields on the route and the very sight of one made me jump. Football has been a part of my life since childhood. It has been the source of inspiration , a reward which has made me conquer all the obstacles in life.When I was a kid, mom used to make me do my homework on the pretext that I would be allowed the play football once I completed my homework.Soon this award system went into my system and I started rewarding myself by working hard and football as a treat.The same habit has made me sail through my graduation and it is there still.I have learnt leadership, perseverance, patience, cooperation, teamwork, ethics, organization, concentration, and many more attributes from football. But my greatest learning from the game has been that on friendship.I have always been a great friend and have a plenty of good friends and of all of them the ones i made playing football are still the closest to the heart.I treasure that feeling when I get so engrossed in what i am doing that nothing else matters at the moment.My times on the field have been like this. Often after a game of football , lying on the ground , looking up at the stars I have found peace, a connection to eternity. Life at a B school is tough and sometimes in the evening while returning from classes I too have the urge of sleeping but then there is some invisible force which drives me to the field.I have always been the one who has a pair of studs in his bag.I have drawn my strength from the game and  have lived my days on a day to day basis and i hope with every passing day I keep drawing the strength, the hope to move on.

Tears of Joy

What you dream in sleep is very much what is happening in your life.So what is happening in my life: Running and job.Running is a great passion because everyday it tests you in mysterious ways.I had to go for morning practice so I could not watch the match between Arsenal and Leeds United which was scheduled to start at 1 a.m.

The FA cup match was no ordinary match as it was featuring Henry’s return to Arsenal.Generally I don’t dream of football because I live football but yesterday I dreamt of it and saw Henry score.First thing in the morning without knowing the result I downloaded the highlights from   footyroom. Substituted in the 68th minute Henry came up with an impeccable finish and brought tears of joy in my eyes.There are some moments , some memories which will remain in memory forever and this was one of them.

They say men don’t cry but sometimes excellence brings those elusive tears.

Arsenal 2011-2012 – a mid season review

“It’s easy to kick a dog when it’s down.  And it’s even easier when everyone else joins you in doing so.Arsenal will be back after the dust settles.”

The current season of Arsenal is the epitome of the attitude that champions are made of.Frankly, it is not easy to be Arsenal fan especially due to the long title drought.But for me and millions  it is about the game,faith, the skills,the style and the spirit the team has shown over the years.There is a particular beauty in the game of Arsenal which makes it unique among the English counterparts.Emirates is and will be the Mecca of millions around the world.11-12 season for me has made me a more devoted follower of Arsenal.It has not only sealed the belief in the team but also ignited the confidence that the elusive title win is not far.

Arsenal have always been a formidable side but the departures of Fabregas,Clichy and Nasri came at a time when the team was struggling for form.Added to this there were injury woes with Vermalin and Wilshere out for a long time.The 8-2 scoreline at Old Trafford spoke volumes of the plight we were in.But the worst was still to come.5 games into the season we were one place above the relegation.Questions were being asked on Champions league qualification and fingers were pointed out at the man who has had the reputation of making men out of boys. Above all the whole debacle tested the patience of the fans.

       5-3 win at Stamford Bridge

Ups and Downs are the part of this beautiful game but the rise of Arsenal from rock bottom was special and I would always look upon this season whenever my confidence in the team is frowned upon.Arteta,Mertesacker and Gerviniho were really intelligent signings by Wenger and they have proved phenomenal in our bounce back to the fourth position in the league.Incidentally we were the first English team to secure a position in the knock out stages of the Champions League.For me the win against Chelsea was the game changer and moral booster for us.Since then we have played quality football and the defensive unit has been solid.Koscienly is having a dream year and Mertesacker has adjusted to the vagaries of English Football.Benayoun’s goal against Aston Villa was the type of stuff we expect from him and I am looking forward to more Goals from him in 2012.Ashravin’s form has been bad and I sincerely hope to see him play better.

0.97 goal scoring ratio per match with 35 goals to his name Van the Man needs no introduction.Celebrating the 125 years of Arsenal Football club there were portraits of many of the greats including Thiery Henry and without doubt the next name is Persie.Leading from the front he scored many important goals including the goal against QPR to end the season on a high.History was made on 24th September when a cross from Walcott was netted in marking his 100 goals for the club.I loved the one he netted against Everton and hope to see more in the new year.

                                                       Van The Man

It will be great to see the number 14 playing for Arsenal again and there are rumors of Podolski heading London.

Last but not the least hail Arsenal!!

September quote

When I am old, I would prefer to sit by the sidelines of the football ground rather than on a cushioned chair , after all i am sure that the best moments of my life will be/were lived on the football field.

Argetina vs Venezuela friendly in Kolkata

While going to Vaishno devi , it was “Jai mata Di,Jai mata Di”,to Kedarnath,”Bol Bum,Bol Bum ” but this time on my trip to Kolkata it will be,”Messi Messi”, after all pilgrimage is all about faith.

This Monday i had the opportunity to watch a live match between TFA and Sikkim.The main attraction of the match was Baichung Bhutia and it was a pleasure seeing him play.Some months ago I played a half along with Subodh,a member of Indian football team.This Friday i will be watching Messi play.Somehow this year is turning out to be a wonderful year of football.

And for all those who are cracking jokes on Arsenal,”It’s easy to kick a dog when it’s down.  And it’s even easier when everyone else joins you in doing so.Arsenal will be back after the dust settles.

Defining Atheist

“Any one who does not watch football is an atheist.”—Abhinav

So the biggest thing on planet Earth starts  tomorrow and I feel excited much like the millions around the globe.

What is Football?

 Sweat,blood,passion,tackles,throughballs,goals,saves,tears,joy,fights,handshakes,booing,singing,victory,loss,points,mistakes,skill and many other uncountable things.But above all it is a religion which unifies people around the world irrespective of color and ethnicity.A religion which is not preached but widely followed by the masses.If there is a practical art of living life it is football.Not only football teaches you to be resolute but also to be patient in adversity.Someone who has seen football can understand the importance of a second, the significance of an opportunity,the virtue of  a decision  and meaning of loyalty.Call it passion,enthusiasm or commitment but the fact is that it is all in one and one in all.

I am a born Gunner and I put my stakes again on Arsenal.Hope this year brings some silverware.”For Arsenal we live for Arsenal we die.”
So which club are you supporting ?

A Day to remember and other updates

Had my first taste of professional football today when our team played against Mecon F.C. No doubt this was a moment to cherish as I had always wanted to play at this level. But what happened in the second half was something I had never thought of in my sweetest of dreams. A special someone joined us and played mid field for the entire second half. The special one was Subodh, member of the Indian Football Team. Though we ended on the losing side we played our hearts out and some goal keeping lapses cost us the game. Even Subodh congratulated us on our effort. 

I accept that I am a product of the Indian middle class mentality.After passing my standard 10th I said in an interview that I would like to do my Engg from some reputed college and was lucky enough to get into IIT Madras.Probably that was the only option I had.The take away from today’s match was that I want to see a day when kids take up football as a profession, where there is a better place for football players and not every sports shop is filled with Cricket bats.A nation which is crazy about cricket would save a lot of time following a 2 hour football game.Another realization was how strength is an important criteria with every sport.In the first few minutes of the game i came head to head with a rather lanky looking winger and a touch was enough to realize the importance of  strength.I love football and I have played the game whenever I got a chance.In fact I should write it the other way , I created all the chances to play the game against all odds.Meet me sometime I will tell you stories about football and believe me I will always tell you about this day.

Life has been at its very best in the last 4 months.You will always know the best days of your lives and I know I am going through this phase.In short last few months was about studying and playing soccer.Studying something which I really love and the sport is like life.Wrote the CFA  level 1 two days back and did really well.Met few of my college friends and had beer after a really long time.I can totally empathize with 2 of my friends who are working in Gujrat.The beverage never tasted so sweet in my life, in fact there is a sweetness to patience which you should taste sometime.

I am leaving for a 14 day bike trip to Arunachal next week and I know it will be more awesome than the last experience.Got an MBA offer from IMT -G where I will be studying for a year in Dubai and for a year in India.I am looking forward to this, let’s see what happens.So what’s up with you guys ?

Barca vs Manu

Well the clash of the season is almost 24 hours away.If you are a football fan your heart would be pounding with anticipation.

I am supporting Barca , not because I don’t like Manu but mostly because of the quality football they play.Their ball possession can take the opposition apart.They have the strongest mid field and Messi needs no introduction.

The best part is that our football team will be watching the match together and once again I will get the feel of watching matches at college.Do catch the action on Ten Action Plus tomorrow night at 10:30.

If you are supporting Barca then say with me : Go Barca!!!

If you are a Manu Supporter:  Bhaag D.KBose 

Ranchilona United

Do you remember the pleasure of returning home after a long and hectic semester at college?A time when you could not resist leaning from the train door to let the damp wind brush past you and every mile covered making you happier that home is not far.

Coming back  home  in the summer holidays from my College at Chennai was happiness plus respite from the heat.The last 4 hours of the journey was always spent on the foot board of the train.As the train went past the rocky terrain my mind always drifted to the football field at home.It was to be yet another summer of football.Most of the times it was just for a few days owing to summer projects but non the less it was so precious that even if I went home for 2 days I would make a point to be at the football field.

This year has been rather a long summer of football and unlike the past years this was the year when i waited for my team to reunite.I have learnt the importance of making like minded friends in life and my team here consists of  such football crazy people like me.I have surprised myself many a times on my commitment to the game and have been stunned by many others too.Someone has rightly said,“In true love the smallest distance is too great,and the greatest distance can be bridged.” We as a team have bridged all distances and made it a point to meet every summer for football.Today was our first match of the season with the full team around and we won 5-1.

There are some things in life which should be felt and no prose could enumerate the beauty of a moment so eternal.On a summer evening after a game of football the team is lying on their backs facing the moon.The ball is in the center and our feet touching the ball, forming a circle.A cool breeze carrying the aroma of fresh rain, fragrance of scented flowers and carrying all those elements which lacked in the cool breeze of the train journeys. Someone says how he would have loved to be born in Europe or even Africa and then how  everyone wishes the same secretly.
I have spent the last few years thinking everyday of a plan which would connect me to football professionally.I know one day I will get and answer and that day is not far. 

Team : Bottom(L-R)-me, mama,tuktuk,rahul,pandaand amit.
           Top (L-R)-Arun, nikhil,raja , ion ,nikku and paneer

Why MBA ?

Why do you want to pursue MBA ?

Me: Blah , Blah , Blah….

But I will give you an honest answer :

The prospect of 2 more years of football is intriguing and I miss my Friday nights without friends.