Totally Frank, the autobiography of Frank Lampard.

I have been living and playing football since childhood. There are millions of football fans and what unites them all is their desire for more and more football. There are many, including me for whom football comes first to any other thing in life. Though I am an ardent Arsenal supporter, I have respected andContinue reading “Totally Frank, the autobiography of Frank Lampard.”

Diary entry of a Football Fan-1

It’s 1:00 a.m and me and the driver are the only person awake. We are speeding towards Ladakh and all my friends are fast asleep.Sometimes there is this awkward feeling of solitude even in company. It’s hard to describe it but it is this moment when your mind wanders and for me some of my best memoriesContinue reading “Diary entry of a Football Fan-1”

On Kolkata, football and life

Kolkata: I have been to Kolkata so many times but have never written about it, so I thought would pen down some thoughts.Every city has its own flavor and that’s what makes it difference. So if you are new to a city you must try and appreciate it rather than cursing about the facilities andContinue reading “On Kolkata, football and life”


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