Life lessons from running

Most of the education happens with a goal in mind. You are told to study hard, perform well in exams to get into a good college. Once you enter the rat race it is all about landing a good job which would lead to a big house, car and other material comforts. I find noContinue reading “Life lessons from running”

Travel Short Stories- Thorang La

I looked around and found no trail, only a makeshift flag blowing from an iron post. It was 10 am , altitude of above 5000 meters and a snow storm with an ever increasing intensity was already at play. We were already delayed due to a friend giving up at a precarious turn. I wouldContinue reading “Travel Short Stories- Thorang La”

What not to do at OOTY

There will be always something new out there on the road, just go out with an open heart and mind and the journey will stay with you for long. Go with the idea of capturing the place more in your eyes than the camera rolls and also of living a few days in a differentContinue reading “What not to do at OOTY”

The Razor’s Edge by W.Somerset Maugham

Title : The Razor’s Edge Author : W.Somerset Maugham Publisher : Pocket Books Genere:Soul searching/Nirvana/Spiritual adventure Pages:296 Price:INR 200 “He had a way that always amused me of being with you one moment and without explanation gone the next.It was so abrupt;it was almost as if he had faded into the air.” Wandering in theContinue reading “The Razor’s Edge by W.Somerset Maugham”


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