Trekking to Kudremukha

“…it is essential to recognize that we can never know more than one side, one small aspect of a mountain.” ~ Murakami In one of my recent treks with a group, there was the usual introduction round, the round where you introduce yourself and mention the number of treks that you have done. I thinkContinue reading “Trekking to Kudremukha”

Offbeat travel- Unseen Arunachal Photoblog

Some 300 kms later on the way to Menchuka in 2011, I managed to reach the village,”Kamki”. It was quite a moment, the realization to be at a far off place. The picture is of a self constructed raft which we are trying to row with in a river nearby. On my way to TawangContinue reading “Offbeat travel- Unseen Arunachal Photoblog”

The boy who liked Akshay Kumar

Was attending a talk today , saw a documentary by amit tyagi on a serious topic. someone told that ,”even if people age there is a piece of that same old childhood within us and we behave the same if brought into those situations.our batch from college formed a whatsapp grp which has all 55Continue reading “The boy who liked Akshay Kumar”

Travel Stories -Are you made for travel ?

You know somewhere deep down we all have that wish to travel the world. Like any other wish in the world , only when you experience it from close will you know whether truly you want to do it on not. I once took a break from my very first job , I was inContinue reading “Travel Stories -Are you made for travel ?”

Munnar and Periyar- Photoblog

Will write about the trip in detail later. Starting a series of photo blogs with few pictures from the trip and something about them: A view from the balcony of the hotel in Periyar. A flight of birds returning back home. Captured in the forest background and almost reddish sun to go with Some royaltyContinue reading “Munnar and Periyar- Photoblog”

Valley of Flowers and Deoriatal Trek

I stood on the top of a rock and looked around Surrounded by mountains and a valley below I pinched myself to be sure Reality or dreams galore I asked myself the question “Tell me what do you feel?” The world moves around me And I am here standing hypnotized I have often dreamt ofContinue reading “Valley of Flowers and Deoriatal Trek”

Travel Short Stories -1

Have you skipped a meal just because you did not have enough money to buy food ? Don’t be ashamed because millions on the planet go to bed on an empty stomach. I bring this out here to accentuate the importance of experiences in life. Adversity actually is a great teacher , it shows youContinue reading “Travel Short Stories -1”

Excerpts from a random life of a guy…

“The full moon is silhouetted against the sea, smothering the waves with silver reflections. Sitting on a dune, we watch the continuous ebb and flow, each with our distant thoughts. ” Taken from Motor Cycle diaries. I write this post listening to the songs of ,”Udaan”. Actually this is my life,  equally predictable and unpredictable atContinue reading “Excerpts from a random life of a guy…”

Back to writing

Don’t know where to begin from , probably let me start with books and as usual a few lines from a book “We are, finally, all wanderers in search of knowledge. Most of us hold the dream of becoming something better than we are, something larger, richer, in some way more important to the worldContinue reading “Back to writing”


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