The beautiful World



Some 4 years back I once shared a ride with a goat as a co passenger while returning back from a remote village in Rajasthan. Once I missed my bus while returning from Rishikesh and a truck wala was benevolent enough to give me a lift to Delhi. Life on roads has always been existing and unexpected.I did treks, plenty of those, traveled extensively, met people from out of my circle, read books and life just went on. All this roaming and reading made me forget myself, made me realize that the world was not about me and neither was I as important as the world wanted me to be. I realized that the struggle will not end, life was just meant to be lived. Much more than anything it was much more than the petty Nouns we associate ourselves with. No I am not a traveler, a reader, no runner, I am an ordinary person in this extraordinary world.
This picture is one of my favorite, it has a view of mount everest and clouds.