Musings of a Tea Lover

Somethings just become a part of your life, you just can’t live without it, tea is one such thing for me. I have great memories of having the beverage with friends and family at amazing locations.

Everest base camp trail had so many such locations where I took numerous breaks for a cup of tea and spoke to random strangers. But often it was solitude, a cup of tea , a snow capped mountain, a book and a notebook to scribble. Travel now a days is more of consumerism. You go to a place , click pictures, eat , sleep , drink and back. But often when you cut yourself from the cacophony and reflect,you learn a thing or two about yourself.Next time you go to a place, pause, look around and take back few memories.
The evening cup of tea today brought back the memories of an afternoon cup of tea at 3800 meters, it was real cold, windy and I was tired, as usual a cup of tea came to the rescue.
– Memoirs of a tea lover.

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  1. My Rumblings says:

    I really feel jealous the kind places you are visiting and sharing those experience with others.

  2. Awesome feeling of Oneness with nature and a cup of tea is so nice. Great post.

  3. arv! says:

    I can connect with your post very well! Reminded me of my treks in Himalayas…and a cup of hot tea! 🙂

    By the I too just wrote a post on my blog on tea!

  4. nathaswami says:

    I am a tea lover myself. But not black tea.

  5. Mel & Suan says:

    What a setting indeed for tea.

  6. anne leueen says:

    If tea was taken out of my life I would be utterly despondent! I love tea. I have been drinking tea as long as I can remember ( my first memories of tea are morning cuppas with my relatives in Ireland). I go to a special tea shop in London England when I am there and buy tea for the next six months. My latest favourite is the Darjeeling. I have got some from tea gardens in Darjeeling that I have read about and I am looking forward to trying them. Thank you for your lovely memory of tea at altitude.

  7. sheebakaul says:

    Tea and places.. Just wow!

    1. it has to be , some tea , some beauty

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