Places I saw in 2016

1) Seychelles: I think Seychelles was a dreamy place which will always stay with me, so beautiful. Before I was about to take the trip, someone had advised that every click will be a wallpaper, I totally agree to it. Please read a detailed links on what to do and how to plan a SeychellesContinue reading “Places I saw in 2016”

Photography-Birds in Pallikarani Wetland

The birds chirp, i hear them so The forest green, where should i go The river gurgles running slow The earth sleeps in a peaceful glow Spent around 3 days just clicking pictures this week owing to the cyclone Vardha that passed through Chennai. This one is from Pallikarini Wetland, one great place for photographyContinue reading “Photography-Birds in Pallikarani Wetland”

Travel Short Stories- Thorang La

I looked around and found no trail, only a makeshift flag blowing from an iron post. It was 10 am , altitude of above 5000 meters and a snow storm with an ever increasing intensity was already at play. We were already delayed due to a friend giving up at a precarious turn. I wouldContinue reading “Travel Short Stories- Thorang La”

10 things to do on way to Pondicherry

“If you are not doing what you love, you are wasting your time.” I love to bike, I love to be on  two wheels, I love the feel of  air on my body, it makes me more comfortable , more lively ,more relaxed, more close to nature, more aware, more in sync with myself, inContinue reading “10 things to do on way to Pondicherry”

What not to do at OOTY

There will be always something new out there on the road, just go out with an open heart and mind and the journey will stay with you for long. Go with the idea of capturing the place more in your eyes than the camera rolls and also of living a few days in a differentContinue reading “What not to do at OOTY”

Parvati Valley-Malana,Tosh,Kasol,Kheerganga

“I had no words for that feeling, nor had I ever had it before, which comes from the knowledge that one is far away from all humanity, alone in a thousand square miles”-On the move by Oliver Sacks ‘It is about 2 am in the night, I am at a village named Kalga in ParvatiContinue reading “Parvati Valley-Malana,Tosh,Kasol,Kheerganga”

Riding Solo to the Top of the World-Travel Stories

1) “Last 10 days of my life happened so for no reason in particular. For a notorious traveler the indefatigable urge to be on the road can happen all of a sudden, so much so that he picks up his bike and rides around alone for 2700 kms. God has placed beauty at the strangestContinue reading “Riding Solo to the Top of the World-Travel Stories”


There are some days of your life that you live only once. Today was one such day which will stay with me for a long time. As I woke up early in the morning to take the first bus to the jetty, it was dark all around, but I felt light, happy, all geared upContinue reading “Seychelles-travel-guide-day-to-day-itinerary-4”


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